Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shopping Both Savvy AND Gluten-Free

With Extreme Couponing, discount divas, and shopping websites a plenty, finding a way to save a buck or two is definitely on our minds, especially with the so called “economic downturn”…which basically just equates to less money in your pocket and higher prices at the store. And unfortunately, a lot of the manufacturer coupons do not consistently apply to gluten-free items. Because let’s face it, the more prepackaged, and preserved it is, the more likely it is to have traces of wheat, barley, or malt. So how do we as gluten-free consumers get our hands on grocery discounts on a regular basis?? Solution… I have long been a lover of, some people might even say we are BFFs. I am all about their lightning deals, great discounts, free shipping, and convenience of delivery. Over the past year Amazon has increased their wide variety of delicious gluten-free groceries. And not only are they frequently cheaper than you can find at your local health food store, if you sign up for Subscribe and Save, you will save an additional 15%!! Not sure what on earth I am talking about? Let me break it down…

At my local grocery store Pamela's Gluten-Free Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix (which I LOVE) is regularly one 4lb bag for about $17.50. On lovely I can get that same bag for $12.75!!! And if I choose to do Subscribe and Save (where Amazon renews my order in an increment I choose (Which can be anywhere from monthly to semi-annually)), I save an additional 15% and that amazing versatile mix is knocked down to a highly discounted $10.84 per bag!!! That is about a 40% discount off my local grocer’s price! Now that is some savings to shout about!

Still not convinced?? Okay, try this example…who out there loves Glutino Gluten-Free Crackers? I know I do! They are by far my favorite crackers, but they are pricey!! At my grocery store the Glutino Gluten Free Cheddar Crackers are $4.99 for a pretty small box. I buy them, because I love them, but I always feel guilty that I paid that much money for them. But once again, Amazon has come to the rescue. They have these crackers for $3.33 each. But don’t forget Subscribe and Save, where I save an additional these crackers are only $2.83 per box!! Almost half the price of my local store! Discount achieved and buyer’s guilt removed!

The same type of awesome discounts can be found with gluten-free breakfast bars, cookies, other baking mixes and the list literally goes on and on. Plus Amazon is good enough to send me emails whenever they have gluten-free sales because they know that’s something I like! So convenient! And how their great programs are setup I never pay shipping, get my items in a couple of days, and enjoy the great tastes and great savings. So whether your local store has poor gluten-free selections or just higher prices, I highly recommend checking out so you can get fantastic gluten-free specialty items, without giving up your entire bank account!!

I have a few other tricks up my sleeve on ways I put more Gluten-Free items on my shelves and still manage to keep more money in my pocket, but since this post is already extremely lengthy, check back next week and I will give you some more ways to cut your gluten-free grocery bill…after all, I am the gluten-free guru :)

(I added in some links to hopefully help illustrate the great gluten-free deals available)


Jake said...

We've bought a lot of groceries from Amazon too. They've got some pretty sweet deals!

Gabby The Gluten Free Guru said...

I know! I even buy toiletries as well and a bunch of other stuff. I just love it. Thanks for posting :)